5 Signs that Mean Your Computer has Malware

If you suspect that something may be wrong with your computer, you can use this list to determine whether you have malware. If you want to make sure you are prepared and can recognise the problem before it causes too much harm, keep reading. Look out for these signs as they mean you may have an infected computer.


Your computer is slow – If your operating system is taking abnormally long to boot up or your programmes are taking too long to load, it may be a sign that malware is present. It is a widely known fact that malware slows down your computer speed and can also influence your Internet speed.

Your computer crashes – Frequent crashes of your system or programmes can mean that your computer is infected. If you get the ‘blue screen of death’ you probably have a problem. When these things happen, it could also be a sign of technical problems or malware.

Abnormal hard drive activity – When your hard drive shows activity when no programmes are running or if it shows excessive activity it could mean that your computer is infected with malware. This could also indicate a problem with the actual hard drive.

You get pop-ups – Unwanted pop-ups that appear when you open your Internet browser is one of the typical signs of the presence of spyware. The worst part of these pop-ups is that it is very hard to get rid of them. The pop-ups themselves are threats and you should never click on any of them. Just close them.

Unusual programme activity – If programmes are suddenly opening and closing by themselves or if you see strange windows while booting up, you need to be suspicious. If your operating system shuts down for no reason or your computer tells you that you have lost access to some of the drives, it is a sign of danger.

All of these things could be signs of the presence of malware. However, some of them could also be due to technical problems. If you are unsure, take your computer to a service centre to help you.

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