5 Top Anti-Spyware Programmes of 2017

We have gathered some information from review sites and also did a bit of our own reviewing and compiled a list of the best programmes currently available. If you suspect that your computer may have malware, adware, or spyware, these are the programmes you want to use to get rid of them.



1. Total AV Ultimate Antivirus 2017

It received full marks all round. Its security and other features are excellent. It is available for free online and it is easy to use. Visit the website for more information or to download the programme.




2. PC Protect Antivirus Pro 2017

This programme received a 5-star rating from all reviewers and they also rated its security as excellent. Some features were questioned, but it is still very highly recommended. It is not free and can be bought on the website for $20. It offers web security as well as PC Optimizer.




3. Norton By Symantec

Norton received a 4-star rating and did not do as well as the previous programmes with regards to security and features. Its features were clearly lacking while the security was rated good, but not great. Most people know and trust Norton, so if you prefer a brand you know, go for it. This is not a free programme and will cost you $35.




4. ScanGuard Security Suite

Rated very good for security and received an overall 4-star rating. It offers a lot of good features and it includes free speed boost tools. It is available for free online. It is a good programme to use if you are looking for a free adware and spyware removal programme.







5. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky is also a well-known name in computer protection. It is one of the more expensive programmes available at $55. However, it is a respected brand and offers good security and relatively good features. It gets the job done and does it well.

This is the top 5 antivirus programmes available to date in 2017. Your computer will be in good hands with any of these.


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