Adware Report is a blog site that focuses on helping people recognise and understand adware and spyware. These computer threats can cause a lot of havoc on your systems and can also make you lose important work. Adware and spyware are used by people to phish, manipulate, steal, and otherwise make your life difficult.

It is important to always make sure that you check your computer for the signs that spyware or adware is present. If you are alert and make a habit of keeping your computer clean and safe, you will have a lot fewer problems. People are getting smarter and more devious when it comes to making money, stealing identities, and doing all kinds of other horrendous things to take advantage of you.

Adware Report is run by Elliot Nicholson who is an adware and spyware expert. He worked for IT companies with the sole purpose of identifying and getting rid of these malicious software types. Part of his job was to also write and use adware and spyware (without actually causing harm of course) to understand how the bad guys think and use it. This makes him uniquely qualified to explain these computer viruses and give advice on how to deal with them.

We welcome questions and comments and would love to hear from you. You can contact us by email at support@adwarereport.com.