Dell Laptop Security Features for Protecting Against Threats

Laptops for business use, just like any computing devices, may be exposed to many security risks that cause data breach and other costly consequences. This is why Dell has invested its resources in creating security solutions for protecting Dell laptops against viruses, malware, adware, and other security threats. If there is one thing that Dell laptops are particularly known for, it is the data security tools that come with each machine.

Here are the security features that you can expect from your Dell laptop:

Dell Threat Defense and MozyPro

Together, the Dell Threat Defense and MozyPro work to prevent ransomware from infecting a business laptop. During an attack, the duo enables quick data retrieval. This feature is available to Dell Latitude laptops.

Mainly designed for malware prevention rather than just detection, Threat Defense is easy to set up, lightweight, and more effective compared to traditional anti-virus programs. Instead of merely scanning for virus and malware like most anti-virus programs do, Threat Defense actively looks for any suspicious activity in the system at the underpinnings of the code and blocks the threat on the fly. It keeps 99% of malware from attacking a system using built-in artificial intelligence technology. This advanced malware prevention feature is ideal for companies with no or small in-house IT department.

MozyPro is a cloud-based storage solution that enhances the functionality of Threat Defense by allowing the user to restore data right away after a malware attack.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Safeguarding your data is one of the things that a Dell laptop can do with its endpoint security solutions that include malware protection, complete data encryption, and advanced user authentication. With these features, data breaches that can compromise not only your company’s finances but also reputation will be the least of your worries.

Dell ControlVault

ControlVault is Dell’s one-of-a-kind hardware-based security feature that stores user credentials such as biometrics, security codes, and passwords away from the Windows environment using a secure processor and keeps it protected against a malicious attack.

Dell Protected Workspace

Using a cyber security platform, Protected Workspace can stop a host of threats such as poisoned search engine results, spear-phishing, advanced threats, and watering hole attacks. It works by providing an isolated environment for the user to access and use their email and the internet. Simply opening an email attachment makes a laptop susceptible to malware attacks and data breach, which is why this security feature is essential for Dell laptop users.

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